Recurring Revenue Techniques to Build a Million Dollar Business

A million bucks may not go as far as it used to, but making that first million is still one of the top goals of business owners today.  However, in order to run a million-dollar business, you need to consider the math behind what your company needs to do to actually hit that seven-figure mark.  For example, some businesses will need to sell a cheaper product or service to a lot of people, while others could sell a more expensive product or service to a smaller, more select group of individuals.  What’s best for your business? We’re sharing 7 ways to help your company make a million dollars a year. 

Have a Financial Plan 

Create a financial plan for your company that takes a realistic look at where you’re at currently, and sets a path for your future goals.  Set targets based on your business and your industry, and identify key performance indicators that will help you to monitor success. During the process, you may be able to identify opportunities for cost savings or other areas for potential revenue growth. 

Sell Subscriptions 

Subscription models work well with most businesses and are a good way to create steady, recurring revenue.  Whether you’re creating a new eBook each month with expert information, or are working on developing a subscription box to be sent out monthly with new products for customers to try, finding a way to leverage subscriptions at your company can help to create extra revenue – and reach that million-dollar mark faster! 

Get Automated 

Use automation to help streamline processes across all areas of your business.  Whether it’s automating reports to give you an accurate representation of what’s happening in your business every day, or simply scheduling marketing messages in advance to ensure that you’re regularly sharing information with your customers – taking the time to automate tasks will give you more time to think about how to drive revenue (and maybe even save you some money in the process). 

Amp Up Marketing 

Use newsletters, social media, and other relevant channels to stay connected with your customers.  Your analytics will let you know the types of articles or content to share, and how often to share it.  (Things like clicks, page views, and time on site are good indicators of what content your audience is enjoying and which content they’d rather do without.)   

Have a Customer Focus 

Today consumers regularly use online reviews and forums as a way to share their likes and dislikes about products and services.  Therefore, a customer service mind-set can go a long way when it comes to developing meaningful relationships with your customers.  Should a problem arise, address it efficiently and look for mutually beneficial solutions.  Your customers will thank you – and will (probably) tell their friends. 

Branch Out 

Reach new audiences by creating your own podcasts, blogs, or videos.  If that’s not your style, connect with Influencers in the space who have a similar target audience to that of your business.  Their endorsement can help you to reach new customers, and enhance your reputation with existing consumers. 

Don’t Stop Testing 

As you grow your business (and your revenue) it’s important to continue to look for ways to improve.  Keep testing to see if small changes can positively affect your chosen KPIs, and help to improve your customer relationships.  Something as simple as changing the colour of a ‘Submit’ button on your website can have an impact on your bottom line. 

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