How much money is your business losing because of ...

Here's the Problem

Most businesses only focus on one thing to drive their business – more sales.  Why you might ask?  The simple answer – it’s easy to mimic and follow a structure that everyone else is following and it works.

Think about it.  There are  3 ways to grow your business –

  1. Get more paying customers.
  2. Increase the spend per customer.
  3. Increase the frequency of which customers buy from you.   

Outside of that business should be fairly easy…right?

What if there was another way to make money in your business?  What if you had a business model that consistently and predictably, day in and day out turned the assets in your business into NEW passive revenue streams and profits?  What if you had someone dedicated to one simple task in your business – monetizing the opportunities that you are sitting on?

Well, now you can have it all with something I dub the Rainmaker System!

The Rainmaker System

The Rainmaker System is a lifetime of unconventional strategies and tactics that my partners and I have used to create NEW passive and/or leveraged revenue streams in businesses.  The system focuses on identifying, standardizing, optimizing, leveraging and monetizing hidden opportunities in your business so that your have a minimum of 7 revenue streams outside of your traditional sales model.

I’m guessing that you don’t have a Rainmaker in your business.  I’m also going to take it a step further and assume that you don’t have someone dedicated to turning the assets in your business into money.  

If the above is true, I believe I can help.  I believe I can substantially increase the amount of money that your business generates while also reducing your current marketing costs.  Find out more about my Fractional Rainmaker Service!