Are Strategic Alliances For Me?

A strategic alliance is a mutually beneficial collaboration between two businesses that helps leverage each others assets to grow their business.

A few examples of assets that can be turned into money through Strategic Alliances include but is not limited to existing clients, past clients, unconverted leads, inactive client accounts, inventory, intellectual property, suppliers, unused machinery and more.

Given our experience and vast network of relationships that span across the globe, we can typically arrange a Strategic Alliance opportunity within 30-60 days.  Turning that Strategic Alliance into money may take a little longer, but on average happens within a 90 day timeframe.

We are industry agnostic.  

If you are open-minded and easy to work with, have a product and/or service that provides value and there is an opportunity to make money while helping a lot of people, we won’t turn you away.

A business coach ask questions to pull out answers from a person so that person can take action.  A business consultant tells a client what tools and things they need to get the results that they want. 

A Rainmaker is a hybrid version of a coach and consultant.  A Rainmaker will ask, tell and jump into the mix with the goal of making things happen in real time.

Before we take on any new client, we assess the opportunity to determine if and/or how we can help.  The Return of Investment is specific to each client and guaranteed based on what opportunity we will help the client to create.  

If we can’t help you, we will not take you on as a client.

Turn the Hidden Opportunities In Your Business Into Money!

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