Using Strategic Alliances and Other Strategies to Grow Your Business

Turning Seen and Unseen Opportunities into Money

How Many Hidden Opportunities Are You Sitting On?

Most businesses struggle to create multiple revenue streams and profit centres using the assets in their business. When you don’t have a Rainmaker…

Strategically growing a business should be easy, yet most businesses take a traditional approach that focuses on creating opportunities from the outside in.  This often leads to them ignoring things that they can be done internally.  Having a Rainmaker is the only way to strategically create multiple revenue streams and profit centres for your business from the inside out.

There are 3 ways you can leverage the Rainmaker. Which one is right for you?


Pick My Brain

Want to solve your biggest challenge and/or capitalize on a big opportunity?  Whatever constraint you currently face that is stopping you from getting from where you are to where you want to be can be solved.

Perfect for: The business that needs answers sooner than later. 



Want to work together as we execute on the plan that we created for your business?  We create the plan and help you to turn 12 key areas in your business into new revenue streams and/or profit centres.

Perfect for:  The business that doesn’t mind rolling up their sleeves and having a guide by their side.


Done-4-U (Pay on Performance)

Want us to create, manage, and monetize opportunities on your behalf?  We find the hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, under-performing activities, under-utilized relationships, under-recognized resources, under-acknowledged revenue and profit sources. 

We take them and turn them into windfall process.  We convert them into ongoing, residual streams of income and we all share in the upside.

Perfect for: The business that is generating a minimum $250,000 in annual revenues.

Turn the Hidden Opportunities In Your Business Into Money.

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